Our work is based on the inclusion of children, youth and adolescents in social vulnerability and risk, according to criteria of PNAS – Policy aimed at the integral development of the individual, Community and their families.


Socio educational activities

School Trainnig

Through socio educational activities after school, we seek to enable social inclusion of children and adolescents, making them agents of social transformation and preparing them for the labor market and for life.
Changing history
We serve 100 children and adolescents 7-17 years, offering classes every day of the week soccer, martial arts, education, computing and citizenship.
Social sport:
We serve 200 children between 6-13 years, offering futsal and citizenship classes during the week and games and rides on weekends.
Soccer academy:
Partnership with Indigenous Terena village where we started the service 60 children and adolescents 7-17 years, offering classes three times a week futsal and citizenship.
Project Dance with Art
We serve 60 children and adolescents 4-17 years, offering dance classes (ballet and contemporary) art and storytelling.


University of Soccer

Associating the sport integrating power with the popularity of football, and mastery of the pillars of education and citizenship, we draw the University of Football.
Training School
Structuring training schools with the following activities: Football, Education and Citizenship for children and adolescents 4-17 years in school to turn.
Teacher training
We offer courses for teachers and staffs, who use sport as a tool for social inclusion.
Soccer Worldwide
We systematize our methodology and it was a dream come true and spread to the world.
Through our platform, several training schools were disseminated in Brazil (indigenous tribes – Terena tribe in Nioaque), São Paulo, Bolivia, Ohio – United States, Ukraine, Russia, Germany.
We believe that working together, we go further. Io working with partner institutions, we take professional educators and aid the reconstruction of villages through clinics and workshops and games for fundraising: Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailandia, Malaysia.
Social Futsal Tournament
Knowledge is to be multiplied by tournament among NGOs Organization, we created a space for integration and to share best practices and think of new ways to sport and education.


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Professional training
It is a vocational training project developed in partnership with the Solidarity Fund of the State of São Paulo and aims to give young people and adults opportunities for income generation through the following courses:
• Beauty (Manicure, Chiropodists, Design eyebrows, waxing and hairdressing)
• Fashion
• Handmade Bakery (breads and pastries)
• Construction
Young apprentice
Provide adolescents and young people in socioeconomic vulnerability, social inclusion opportunities through comprehensive training and integration into the labor market
The courses offered are:
• Administration, .ética, citizenship, sports and IT.
Professionals of the Future project
– First Job – Escalated our teenagers to Apprentice Project program in partner companies.
– Scholarships in Universities – 15 fellows in partnership with UNIP.
Computer – CDI Community
It is a digital inclusion work and citizenship tailored to the needs of each audience, CDI offers basic and advanced courses computer to a wide audience, ranging from 7 years to the Third Age. The courses range from Introduction to Computer (Microsoft Office) to advanced courses such as editing pictures and videos, the main focus is to generate society transformers agent through technology.
In partnership with CDI we have become a CDI Community.

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Community Development

Believing that the action of each person influences their community, we work the individual so this way we can think collectively.
Our training projects and culminate entrepreneurship to new thinking about the community.

Social action
It works with individual issues in your household. Our social area is responsible for supporting all served to understand more deeply the social and family situation in a preventive manner, working with partner institutions and involving people in the development of community action.
Disseminating the Vision
Through partnerships, we spread our projects in underprivileged communities in various locations of São Paulo, Brazil: Nioaque – MS Terena Indian tribe, Curitiba and the world: Bolivia, USA, Ukraine, Russia and South Pacific Islands.

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