The Instituto Muda Brasil believes that through social inclusion, through educational, social practices, entrepreneurship and community development, strengthen the hope and generate opportunities for every human being can rescue your identity, pursue their dreams and transform your reality.
Whether through training schools, training courses, coaching staffs and leadership and social partnerships, IMBRA develops communities Local and globally.
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Develop and disseminate projects that promote the integral development of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability through social and educational activities, entrepreneurship and community development.

To be recognized as an organization that develops and disseminates projects that contribute to the full development of the individual, making social transformers agents.


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The Instituto Muda Brasil is a nonprofit organization of public character, which was established in 2006.
Our goal is to develop a working human development and poverty reduction through socio educational activities, entrepreneurship and community development. The IMBRA has a local work to children, adolescents, youth and adults.
Our operations began in the communities located in the area of ​​Avenida Journalist Roberto Marinho, the Airport Garden District, São Paulo when a fire devastated much of the "Buraco Quente" community. What was a shy help our founder Guilherme Pinheiro Lima to welcome and help of the homeless, has become the will to rebuild not only their homes but their lives. And so love became attitude, and today serve more than 500 people in areas of social vulnerability.
We have 4 bases of permanent local operations:. Garden Airport, Interlagos, Guarapiranga and Mato Grosso do Sul Our projects have already been disseminated in Bolivia, United States, Russia, Ukraine and South Pacific Islands.
Our community involvement began in 2004, steps leading up to our record as an Institute in 2006 and as OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest) in 2009.
The involvement with the community and the establishment of goals gave body to the project and made our dream a reality. Every day young professionals, volunteers, businesses and social partners will adding a new flavor to our project, enhancing and delivering better results to our work.
Valuing life and full belief in the individual transformation are the two core values ​​and distinctive mark of the Institutto Muda Brasil.





Unit Jardim Aeroporto - Sede
Rua Sapoti, 20, Campo Belo

São Paulo, SP 04615 - 040,  Brasil

Sport Center
 Developed activities:
Soccer, judo, dance and cross-cutting activities
200 children attending after school


Unit Jardim Guarapiranga
Rua Guarapiranga, 100,  Vila São Jose

São Paulo,  Brasil

Entrepreneurship Center
Developed activities:
Qualification courses
Polo beauty, Handmade, Bakery, Fashion.

40 attended


Unit Interlagos
Vila S Jose, 326

Sport Center 2
 Developed activities:
Soccer, basketball, judo and handball and cross-cutting activities.

200 attended Children


Unit Nioaque  - MS
Native Tribe Terena

 Sport Center

Atividades desenvolvidas:

60 children attend